In this podcast by Cell & Gene Therapy Insights Elena Matsa, our VP Cell Technology, and Andy Holt, our Chief Commercial Officer, discuss the benefits and considerations for moving from autologous to allogeneic cell therapy development.

We are at a fascinating place for cell therapy right now. We have a suite of novel therapeutics with truly transformative results on the back of a cell therapy modality: autologous cell therapy. However, there are severe limitations driven by autologous cell therapy as the choice for bringing these therapies forward, both in terms of access and in terms of manufacturing, that limit them reaching their full potential.

Where allogeneic can offer huge advantages is to allow a deeper understanding and a more complete answer to more patients than autologous can offer. In this podcast, we explore the challenges of the  allogeneic cell therapy development process, and share considerations and advice to expedite the product development process, and catch any common pitfalls. 


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If current trendlines are any indication, cell therapy – and allogeneic cell therapy, more specifically – will be dominating discussions about industry innovation for years to come. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of iPSC-based allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing? Read more about Cellistic's approach.