Our Pulse + Echo Platforms

Pulse + Echo are our exclusive platforms for cell line development and cell therapy manufacturing, respectively. Through a family of established manufacturing processes, we can take your innovation from idea to edited and banked iPSCs, and then from iPSCs to drug product – all while keeping it in the expert hands of a single, experienced development team. 

The Pulse Platform

From idea
to edited iPSCs

Our Pulse Platform for cell line development provides everything you need - the tools, the systems, the space, and the thinking - to drive toward your perfect cell.


  • Streamlined idea-to-edited-iPSC development: We offer precise and proven reprogramming, gene editing, and cell banking technologies for accelerated development. 

  • Unique, purpose-built capacity: We’ve invested heavily in automating and streamlining workflows, and enhancing data management for iPSCs.

  • Dedicated quality systems: Our integrated process controls and robust analytical testing strategies help ensure the highest quality GMP starting materials. 

The Echo Platform

From banked iPSCs
to drug product

Our Echo Platform for cell therapy manufacturing is built-to-scale to be highly efficient from the ground up, shortening your final mile to a final product. 


  • A family of established manufacturing processes: We’ve “been there and done that” so you don’t have to – meaning we can help you cut years from your iPSC process development timeline.

  • Bespoke, flexible manufacturing capacity: Our facilities are designed for a single purpose – iPSC-based allogeneic immunotherapy.

  • Diverse cell type expertise: Our deep experience extends to NK cells, alpha-beta T cells, gamma-delta T Cells, macrophages, and related lineages.

Marking future boundaries today

Twenty years from now, the world may look in pure wonder at the human health breakthroughs made possible by cell therapy. We think that’s about twenty years too many to wait. So through the world’s first facility custom-built for iPSC-based allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing, we’re giving industry pioneers what they need to accelerate their innovations.   

Three simple (but important) truths

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Cell therapy works; that’s been proven. But it’s not yet primed to reach its full potential. We believe the real promise of cell therapy is allogeneic and iPSC-based — and it’s ready to be unlocked.

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Mastering the application of iPSCs in cell therapy requires a unique expertise in both human biology and process development. That’s precisely the kind of speciality we’ve built at Cellistic. 

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“First in line” translates into “first in opportunity.” That’s why we’re supporting our clients through the world’s first facility designed exclusively to deliver iPSC-based allogeneic cell therapies.

Moving iPSCs to center stage

iPSCs are reaching more first patient-dosed milestones in Phase I clinical trials. But what does that ultimately mean for the future of cell therapy?

A March/April 2023 cover story from Drug Target Review has some fresh insights into that question.

Take a deeper dive

A current look into adoptive cell therapies with Jo Brewer, CSO at Adaptimmune, ad Cellistic President and CTO Stefan Braam.

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Some thoughts on the role of gene eiting in successful cell therapy, as explained by Cellistic’s Director of Genome Engineering Suzanne Snellenberg

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Ready to go beyond?

We see a bright future in cell therapy; so much so that we’re helping revolutionize it. 

So if iPSC-based allogeneic cell therapy intrigues you, let’s start with what’s on your mind: your project plans, your questions about iPSC technologies, your most pressing science and business drivers. We’re here to listen and, if you find us a good fit, to help you maximize the opportunity and value of your cell therapy.