Deep, diverse cell type expertise

iPSC-based cell therapy manufacturing is exceedingly complex. Fortunately, we’ve already taken on the critical process development work that’s essential to crafting scalable, cost-effective GMP manufacturing processes for your immunotherapy.

Our clients benefit from this experience and know-how obtained while optimizing our Echo platform. And it translates into access to pre-established processes that can accelerate product development by multiple years – and do it under budget-smart terms.

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Turning every advantage toward you


The Echo Platform is designed with an acute focus on product quality, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Equally important, the team behind Echo knows how to bring standardization early into the process, expedite product development, and avoid common pitfalls.

Together, our people, processes, and platforms ideally position your team to benefit from:

  • Parallel differentiation and expansion ensuring yield over 75 bn cells

  • Removed any cell process constrained isolation steps

  • Facilities designed exclusively for iPSC-based allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing 

  • Well-defined and scalable unit operations up to 50L clinical batches

  • Feeder-free process

  • Optimized medium composition

  • Closed processing steps and fit-for-purpose vial filling operations

Set up for repeating, resounding successes


The old business adage of “quality over quantity” doesn’t apply in allogeneic cell therapy; to successfully commercialize a product, you need both. With the Echo Platform at your side, you can have them – and speed, too. So let’s start a conversation to see if Echo can resonate with your cell therapy manufacturing needs.