What we value at Cellistic

Cellistic was founded on a big idea: What if we could use our unique expertise to connect scalable iPSC manufacturing with allogeneic cell therapy? We think there’s a clear answer: allogeneic cell therapies would bring better therapies to patients faster. Period. So while we can’t promise you the world, we can promise you an opportunity to make a difference in it. And when you join the Cellistic team, you’ll find everything you expect from a class-leading organization, including highly competitive compensation and benefits, a commitment to professional development and an organizational climate that thrives on:
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A Solution Orientation

We focus on solving problems, both for one another and our customers.

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The industry is changing rapidly, so we maintain a highly flexible posture that allows us to evolve with it or ahead of it.

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Insightful Thinking and Collaboration

Commitment to continually improving every aspect of what we do is what will ultimately benefit each other, our customers and patients worldwide.

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At Cellistic, we’re all about “promises made are promises kept.” We say what we do and we do what we say.

Where we’re hiring at Cellistic


At Cellistic, we draw strength from a team with skill sets and expertise in a broad diversity of iPSC biology, differentiation and manufacturing disciplines. Having anything less than that profound experience and know-how wouldn’t allow us to pursue our bold ambitions around differentiating and scaling iPSCs.

As strong as we are, we know we can be stronger still. And maybe what’s missing is you. So we invite you to see if any of our open positions are a good fit and, if so, to give us an opportunity to learn more about your career goals and how you want to make a difference.

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