At Cellistic, iPSC scale-up isn’t a flavor-of-the-day. It’s a first language. It’s a promise waiting to be kept. It’s how the next generation of allogeneic cell therapy innovators will improve patients’ lives everywhere. And it’s all driven here by a team with deep, diverse expertise in the business and science of cell therapy.  

Gustavo Mahler, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Braam, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Andy Holt

Chief Commercial Officer

Elena Matsa, PhD

Senior Vice President, Cell Therapy Research

Suzanne Snellenberg, PhD

Director of Genome Engineering

Eva D’amico, PhD

Senior Scientist

Teaming up with Cellistic

Your best science deserves our best thinking, capabilities and technology. Let’s start exploring how our combined expertise can help you achieve your cell therapy ambitions.