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The benefits of allogeneic cell therapies are becoming ever clearer to everyone who could benefit from them: product developers, regulatory bodies, investors and – most important – patients themselves. 

It is no surprise, then, that teams pursuing autologous candidates are analyzing options for shifting to allogeneic-based approaches, either in parallel with an autologous candidate or potentially even replacing it completely. Selecting the right foundational strategy depends on a host of variables, but the goal with each remains the same: to enhance reproducibility and scalability while accelerating the path to a safe, effective therapy.

Matching models and opportunities

At Cellistic, we believe iPSC-based allogeneic cell therapies represent the industry’s most important and exciting frontier. 

By helping our clients navigate the unique challenges posed in leveraging iPSCs, we aim to become the development and manufacturing partner of choice for those inspired to benefit from our innovation. Whether your team is already pursuing an autologous cell therapy or has an iPSC-based project already ready, our team can use its proven expertise and purpose-built platforms to give your program the solutions it needs to move into clinic faster.

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Explore options for putting our Pulse™ and Echo™ Platforms to work based on your autologous program

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Donor-Derived Allogeneic

Explore options for comparing your donor-derived allogeneic program to an iPSC-based one

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iPSC-Based Allogeneic

Explore options for how we can transfer your existing process into our GMP facility

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It would only be natural to have questions when analyzing options for pursuing a new model. We stand at the ready to help answer them, and provide the information you need to make the best possible decisions for your cell line development and cell therapy manufacturing programs. Let’s get started.