Expediting allogeneic cell therapies at every stage

Expediting allogeneic cell therapies at every stage

At Cellistic, we’re building an iPSCs-based platform engineered to propel allogeneic cell therapies to clinic with high efficiency and acuity at every step. From initial setup and lineage specification to proof-of-concepts through scale-up and GMP manufacturing, every capability and emerging technology at Cellistic is centered on positioning your cell therapy for success.

By establishing a GMP-like environment even in early R&D stages, we can maintain a sharp focus on your ultimate goals – IND and NDA approvals – all while delivering effectively on the complex scientific tasks directly at hand. 


The iPSC insights, expertise and experience from the Cellistic team are ready to
help your team pursuit successful cell therapies, by overcoming the primary challenges developers face: 

most effective way

They’re seeking the most effective way to advance their therapy

looking for a partner

They’re looking for a partner that has more than just a basic understanding of iPSCs

future scale-up

They want to be ideally positioned to maximize the efficiency of a future scale-up

Take A First Step

If current trendlines are any indication, cell therapy – and allogeneic cell therapy, more specifically – will be dominating discussions about industry innovation for years to come. More immediately, there’s another discussion that we think could prove equally interesting: One between your team and ours about how our approach to delivering on the promise of iPSCs can yield value for your science. Let’s get started here.