Taking on cell therapy’s toughest challenges

Taking on cell therapy’s toughest challenges

The potential of iPSCs to change the face of patient therapies isn’t so much “unproven” as it is “untapped.” 

That’s where Cellistic comes in. 

Our goal is to meet a distinct and increasingly important market need: To develop novel iPSC-based  manufacturing technologies that give therapeutic developers access to the scale they need to make their cell therapies a reality. And as they achieve their objectives, so, too, will the patients who depend on access to more affordable, effective cell therapies to treat their severe conditions. 

At Cellistic’s core is a foundational expertise in iPSC differentiation and human biology, earned by experts who’ve pursued and supported iPSC therapies since the science was in its infancy. Surrounding that expertise will be bespoke platforms for scaling allogeneic cell therapies efficiently, effectively and consistently through closed, automated manufacturing. 

The end result will be a true at-scale readiness made possible by a finely tuned process that leverages an acute understanding of cell differentiation and expansion demands at every step.

Where the science and business of cell therapy meet

Cellistic represents both a natural extension of our affiliate company, Ncardia, and a natural evolution from iPSC cell models to a platform technology company for cell therapy. As we combined a unique set of capabilities in human biology, cell differentiation and large-scale manufacturing, we recognized that the expertise we had honed in drug discovery could be applied on behalf of cell therapy clients.     

Every successful leap and bound made on behalf of our future clients will trace its progress to every thoughtful, sure step that’s defined our past and present. 



Formulation of Pluriomics
/Ncardia, an iPSC-derived
research product company



First iPSC-based drug
discovery screening activities performed



Launch of Ncardia’s large-
scale iPSC manufacturing



First iPSC-based cell therapy partnership: BlueRock Therapeutics



$60 million investment as part
of a strategic partnership with Kiniciti



Launch of Cellistic, Ncardia’s allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing brand



Development of iPSC-based immune cell manufacturing platforms



Establishment of GMP facility

Get to know Cellistic

You have us at a disadvantage: You’ve read our short story, but we don’t know anything about you yet. We’d like to change that. Reach out and let us know what you’d like to explore next with your cell therapy, and what an ideal partner would look like in helping you take those critical next steps.