Our team returned from Advanced Therapies Week 2024 in Miami energized and excited about the future of gene and cell therapy. We had many great conversations with customers and prospects, and noticed a few key themes that could shape much of the work being done this year. 

1. Increased Optimism

We heard from multiple leaders that they are more optimistic as financials seem to be on a firmer footing for 2024, and investors are becoming more interested in providing capital to fund further development. Several investors also approached our team expressing interest in investing in Cellistic’s model. 


2. Impressive Science 

There is considerable progress being made in cell therapy research. Quite a few organizations presented data on further optimizing cell potency using multiple edits instead of just a single CAR or TCR insert. This aligns well with conversations Cellistic’s scientific team is having with companies about strategies focused on creating a more potent cell rather than relying on a “single attack” approach.


3. New People & Ideas

It is always valuable to network with people who share our passion and focus. This year we were pleased to see that the field continues to grow, with new people adding new perspectives and thought processes. More than any single conversation, it’s this accumulation of touch points, and increase in momentum, that really stand out and create enthusiasm for the future.


4. Meeting Patient Needs

We owe it to patients to deliver more cell therapy treatments, and to do it faster. So we’re very interested to follow the progress of various companies’ ability to achieve approval of cell therapies. We’re also keeping an eye on the movement of true IPSC allogeneic product candidates into the clinic, and are hopeful of meaningful advances on that front.

Were you at ATW? Let us know what your takeaways were, and what you’re hoping to see in 2024.  

And we’re always eager to speak with you about the specific challenges you may be facing, and how we can work together to overcome them. 


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