Building workflows to achieve predictable manufacturing outcomes

The end success of cell-based therapies is depending on their scalability and accessibility to patients. Traditional workflows rely on manual operations which result insufficient when they come to market. Building process knowledge from the first stages and throughout development and manufacturing is key to cover the real demand for effective cell-based therapies.

At Cellistic, we’re building an iPSCs-based platform engineered to propel allogeneic cell therapies to clinic with high efficiency and acuity at every step. During Meeting on the Med 2022, our Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Holt was invited to participate in a panel discussion to address the main challenges and solutions for the successful manufacturing of cell-based therapies. 

Watch this workshop on-demand to hear from experts on:

  • Building a framework early in development to achieve clinical goals
  • The importance of gaining process knowledge to reduce product variability
  • Designing scalable workflows that maintain cell product quality

Chair: Andres Castillo, Cell and Gene Process Manager, Sartorius


  • Jessica Carmen, Ph.D., Business Development Advisor, Oxford Biomedica
  • Jason C. Foster, CEO and Executive Director, Ori Biotech
  • François Gianelli, Pharm.D., Senior Director, CMC and Quality, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences
  • Andy Holt, Chief Commercial Officer, Ncardia
  • David Smith, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Akron Biotech