Creating the path for your cell therapy by effectively enabling manufacturing at scale

At Cellistic, we are leading the way in accelerating the development of allogeneic immunotherapies, building upon the groundwork laid by our extensive expertise in iPSC differentiation. We have recently acquired a GMP facility, which enables us to turn your ambitious large-scale cell therapy development plans into reality.

At our core, we firmly believe in the potential of iPSC-based allogeneic immunotherapies to revolutionize patient care and improve human health. This innovative approach brings with it the promise of standardized and readily available therapies, offering a significant leap forward in medical advancements. However, we recognize that navigating the complexities and challenges of this path requires the guidance and expertise.

Our team is dedicated to addressing the risks that we can control, ensuring that cell therapies can reach patients faster. Our ultimate goal is to unlock the maximum potential of your cell therapy by leveraging our advanced iPSC-based platform, allowing us to focus on possibilities rather than limitations.

During the Meeting on the Med 2023, our Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Holt, had the honour of delivering a presentation on the main challenges faced in the manufacturing of cell-based therapies and presenting effective solutions to overcome them.

Watch this presentation to learn more about:

  • Our iPSC journey and approach to cell line development
  • The development of our GMP facility
  • How we support the risks involved when developing cell therapies