"Cracking the genetic engineering for cell therapy case will enable us to start thinking about actually resolving diseases that are untreatable today"

A big challenge with in vivo gene editing is the risk of off-target effects. Doing your edits in a controlled environment and extensively characterizing your cells will help overcome this challenge and will increase the confidence that your therapeutic cells will be safe for your patient. How can you leverage iPSCs for this purpose and how and why do iPSCs need to be engineered to make them suitable cell therapies?

In this podcast, Dr. Matt Angel, CEO at Eterna Therapeutics, and our Senior Director of Genome Engineering Suzanne Snellenberg share their thoughts on genetic engineering for allogeneic immunotherapy.

Listen to learn more about:

  • The advantages of using iPSCs for immunotherapy development
  • The risks of genetic engineering for CT development
  • What is needed to make iPSC-based allogeneic immunotherapies a reality 

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