"Cellistic offers therapeutic developers a new path towards iPSC allogeneic cell therapy product development"

The shift to allogeneic cell therapy is becoming increasingly significant in the field, as CAR-T and cellular immunotherapy have demonstrated promising results, even in solid tumors, offering hope to patients who previously had none.

One of the primary challenges today is the manufacturing of these curative products, as no standardized process exists yet.

The fundamental question remains: how do we build these products?


In this webinar, Cellistic’s founder & CTO Stefan Braam, PhD, discusses:
  • The key differences between donor-derived allogeneic cell therapy and iPSC-derived allogeneic cell therapy
  • The promises and challenges of iPSCs
  • How Cellistic is addressing these challenges with the Pulse & Echo platform, helping therapeutic developers in creating allogeneic cell therapy candidates using their proprietary gene edits and unique approaches to target patients.


Watch the webinar and don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below if you want to learn more about iPSCs and Cellistic's unique approach.